Facts & Statistics: Why do you Need Smart Contract Security Audit Services?

Secure your Blockchain Projects with Our Unparalleled Smart Contract Auditing Services

Smart Contract Auditing: Ensure Security and Compliance for your Applications

Amid the rising trust issues in the digital world, businesses have started utilizing smart contract development services to enhance the security quotient. However, a small error while writing and deploying smart contracts can result in huge financial losses. This is where the concept of smart contracts security audit comes into the picture. At Code Elevator, our Blockchain experts harness their experience and expertise to audit smart contracts for existing and potential errors, security flaws, compilation issues, and more to ensure the quality of the code.


Smart Contract Auditing Services

Secure your Blockchain Projects with Our Unparalleled Smart Contract Auditing Services

Our Smart Contract Security Audit Services

Being a reputed smart contract audit company, Code Elevator offers end-to-end smart contract security audit services to help businesses of all sizes launch highly secure and error-free Blockchain applications.

Smart Contract Audit

We follow advanced smart contract security audit practices to help you bring security to your Blockchain application so that you can save your money and time in the long run. We regularly scan smart contract code to help you maintain the security of your Blockchain application at the best smart contract audit price.

Complete Security Assessment

Our smart contract auditors monitor your application for watertight implementation of their business logic and ensure to execute industry-grade security mechanisms. We thoroughly monitor and review every bit of code to find all possible ambiguities that cyberattacks might exploit.

Threat Modeling

We help our clients identify security requirements & entry points for potential hacks, quantify threat and vulnerability criticality, visualize the project’s attack surface, and update the threat model for risks that may evolve in the future.

DeFi Smart Contract Development: Streamlining & Automating Complex Financial Operations

Writing the most secure and dependable smart contracts on Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, TRON, and more.


Why does your Business need Smart Contract Application Development Services?


Smart contracts enable parties to enter into agreements while eliminating third-party involvement.

Real-Time Execution

The execution of smart contracts takes place simultaneously across participating computers, once the required criteria are satisfied.


The information in the contract is visible to all participants in the blockchain network, thereby fostering an environment of trust.


To make sure that our Defi solutions are trustworthy and secure, we adhere to strict security measures.


To make sure that our clients' Defi systems are functioning properly, we offer 24/7 assistance to them.

Process We Follow

Introductory Client Consultation for Requirement Gathering

To build a tailored Defi solution that satisfies your objectives, we begin by learning about your requirements and ambitions.

Static & Dynamic Code Analysis

For your Defi development project, we design a thorough strategy and roadmap that includes deadlines and milestones.

Conditional Code Testing

Your Defi platform is created by our team of specialists using the newest blockchain technologies and industry best practises.


To ensure that your Defi platform satisfies the highest standards of quality and security, we put it through a thorough testing process.


To make sure your Defi platform runs without a hitch, we deploy it and offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Benefits of Defi Development

Lower Transaction Costs

Defi development greatly lowers transaction costs by doing away with middlemen and paper effort. This speeds up, improves, and lowers the cost of financial transactions.

Greater Transparency

The Defi invention makes financial transactions visible by storing them on a publicly accessible blockchain network. This makes transactions secure and impermeable to tampering, allowing people to follow the flow of their assets.

More Security

When compared to conventional financial systems, defi development offers more security. Smart contracts are used by Defi platforms to automate transactions and reduce the possibility of fraud or error.


Defi development gives people more freedom in how they handle their money. Without the limitations imposed by conventional financial institutions, people can design financial products that are specifically tailored to their requirements using Defi.


Defi development is reachable at all times, giving people access to financial services. Given that traditional financial institutions have set business hours, this is particularly significant for those who reside in different time zones.

Global Reach

With the help of Defi development, financial transactions can be carried out on a global scale without the use of exchange rates or other cross-border expenses. Individuals can now participate more easily in international trade and the financial markets.


What is Defi?

Decentralised Finance, or Defi, is a revolutionary financial system that runs directly on the blockchain network without the use of middlemen.

Why is Defi important?

Defi offers a decentralised, transparent, and secure financial system that enables anyone to manage their own money.

How long does it take to develop a Defi platform?

The intricacy of the project determines the length of time needed to construct a Defi platform. Following an understanding of your requirements, our team of experts can provide you with an estimated timeline.

How do you ensure the security of Defi platforms?

To make sure that our Defi platforms are dependable and secure, we adhere to strict security measures. To make sure that the platforms used by our clients are secure, we also carry out security checks and offer consulting.