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Web 3.0 is the latest iteration of the internet that permits users to interact with websites and dApps in an immersive manner. Join the web 3.0 revolution with the help of our web 3.0 development company and take your business to the next level. We offer a wide range of web 3.0 development services to cater to the varied requirements of businesses belonging to different industries. We have a team of experienced and well-trained web 3.0 experts who build strategic web 3.0 solutions that benefit businesses.

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Our web3 wallets are designed to provide the highest level of security to protect your digital assets. We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques to ensure your private keys and data are always safe and secure.


Our web3 wallets are compatible with a wide range of blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more. This ensures that you can manage all your digital assets from one place, without the need for multiple wallets.


We understand that managing digital assets can be overwhelming, so we've designed our web3 wallets to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to manage their digital assets with confidence.

Our Services

Empowering Businesses with Top-Notch Web 3.0 Solutions

Our web 3.0 solutions are focused on providing greater transparency, enhanced efficiency, ownership of data, and democratization. We help businesses by providing futuristic web 3.0 development solutions to enable them to stay ahead of the curve in this highly competitive market. The following means lead businesses to the path of success.


Centralised Web3 Wallets

A centralized web3 wallet is a digital wallet that stores users' private keys on a centralized server owned and controlled by a third-party company.


Decentralised Web3 Wallets

A decentralized web3 wallet is a digital wallet that stores users' private keys locally on their device, such as their computer or mobile phone.

White label Web3

White label Web3 Wallet

White label web3 wallets offer several advantages to businesses, including the ability to provide th

Connect with SMEs at our Web3 development agency to create a distributed & decentralized platform for your business.

Complete Package of Web 3.0 Development Services Under One Roof

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Building a strategy
Web 3 Metaverse Development

Our Web 3 metaverse development services are geared towards creating immersive metaverse platforms for diverse industries - such as Gaming, Entertainment, Real Estate, Fashion, Social Media, and more.

Execution of Strategy
Web 3 Wallet Development

Whether you need a multichain web3 wallet or a blockchain-specific wallet, we offer customized web3 wallet development services to provide you with a secure web3 crypto wallet in line with your business needs.

Analysis and Replanning
Web 3 Exchange Development

Our business-oriented web 3.0 decentralized exchange development services empower businesses to disrupt the crypto market with a powerful exchange fortified with world-class performance and security.

Web Development
Web 3 Metaverse Game Development

We provide end-to-end web 3 metaverse game development services to create NFTs and immersive gaming platforms for an exhilarating experience. Leverage our experience to build your metaverse game on web 3.

Web3 Smart Contract Development

Our web3 smart contract developer specializes in creating highly secure smart contracts to fortify decentralized applications. Capitalize on our web3 smart contract development services to tap into the DeFi world.

Web 3.0 Browsers

Our team of Web 3.0 developer harnesses the potential of blockchain technology to build highly secure applications and web 3.0-powered browsers that hold user data while keeping their identity anonymous.

Technology we use for Web 3.0 Development

At Code Elevator, we are equipped with a team of subject matter experts and experienced blockchain engineers who can develop and deliver any and every Web 3.0-based solution in line with your business requirements. In addition, we provide business-oriented consulting solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

⦁ Streamlined business processes due to smart contracts and distributed ledger ⦁ Reduced cost due to the elimination of third-party service providers ⦁ Higher transparency in business operations ⦁ Reduced risk of hacking or cyber-attacks, owing to decentralization and greater transparency ⦁ Enhanced searchability of data ⦁ Cheaper and faster access to data ⦁ More efficient supply chains ⦁ Cheap and flexible infrastructure

⦁ Decentralization: Data is stored on the blockchain ⦁ Autonomous: Smart contracts are self-executing ⦁ Permissionless: No restrictions on accessibility ⦁ Censorship resistance: The content available on Web 3.0 cannot be removed or stopped ⦁ Secure messaging: Messages cannot be hacked ⦁ Fraud protection: Tamper-free transactions

ith Web 3.0 development? Web 3.0 development can empower businesses with the following: ⦁ Improved trust by returning data ownership to web users ⦁ Better onboarding and user journeys ⦁ Better customer engagement ⦁ Opportunities for innovation, thereby providing ingenious solutions to customers

Our services are focused on accelerating your time-to-market. Once you educate us about your needs, we will create a roadmap to accelerate your development journey to help you quickly tap into the market and gain an essential competitive edge.