Crypto Friendly Banking Solutions

Commence the journey of future-proof banking with our scalable and feature-packed white label crypto friendly banking solutions.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and contactless payments, there is an increasing interest in launching crypto banks for wider reach. Whether you are a bank, a financial institution, a start-up, or a well-established business planning to enter the market with your own crypto bank, we take pride in rendering you with our comprehensive crypto banking solutions. Code Elevator is a reliable name for its ready-to-use digital banking solution offering a comprehensive range of financial services, including bank accounts, credit/debit cards, trading, and user-friendly payment options. With our expertise, we can enhance your business operations and provide a seamless onboarding experience for your users.

What Our Crypto Digital Banking Solution Serves?

At Code Elevator, The one-stop solution for all your digital banking needs

Bank Account

Code Elevator Offer seamless and cost-effective international transactions between banks worldwide with SEPA IBAN and SWIFT IBAN accounts supporting multiple currencies.

Debit Card

Our crypto banking solution provides a feature-packed virtual debit card to speed up your payments whether online or in-store merchants worldwide using cryptocurrencies.

Credit Card

Our virtual credit card offers a convenient and secure way to make purchases, both online and offline, with worldwide acceptance, robust security features, and flexible repayment options.

User-controlled Wallet

Our digital banking solution gives users complete control over digital assets with a wallet for shielded and hassle-free crypto transactions along with private key security.


Jump into the world of swift and hassle-free remittance with our innovative platform offering online access, multiple payout options, & dedicated customer support for a smooth experience.


Optimize your payments process with our banking solution and manage invoices, track payment status, and a lot more- all in a secure and user-friendly digital environment.

Why Choose Code Elevator


Our team of professionals has years of Defi development experience, and we have successfully completed projects for clients all around the world.


In order to develop cutting-edge Defi solutions that meet the particular demands of our clients, we keep up with the most recent developments and technology in the blockchain sector.


To guarantee that our clients receive the best service possible, we uphold the highest quality standards in all of our Defi solutions.


To make sure that our Defi solutions are trustworthy and secure, we adhere to strict security measures.


To make sure that our clients' Defi systems are functioning properly, we offer 24/7 assistance to them.

Process We Follow

Gather and Analyze the Requirement

First, our crypto banking experts understand your business needs and analyze your requirements in-depth to render the best solution.

Devise a Roadmap

After the complete analysis of the business model, our team plans the whole process and blueprint to align with your needs efficaciously.

Design Prototype

Initially, we execute our process to design a prototype to present a demo of what we have in our minds with Immersive UI/UX designs.

Post-deployment Services

Code Elevator renders top-notch maintenance services even after deployment to let you be free from worries about any sort of updates and changes.Code Elevator renders top-notch maintenance services even after deployment to let you be free from worries about any sort of updates and changes.


To make sure your Defi platform runs without a hitch, we deploy it and offer ongoing support and maintenance.