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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange – A peer-to-peer approach to trading

Utilizing the fundamental concept of blockchain technology, which is decentralization, a P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange executes transactions without any involvement of a central authority while connecting the buyers and sellers directly. The platform is powered by a smart contract-based Escrow system to foster reliable transactions.

Code Elevator Expertise: P2P Development

Tap into the burgeoning peer-to-peer trading network with our mission-driven approach to develop P2P exchange software.

Our highly cohesive teams align development processes with your goals to deliver an ecosystem of trust. We combine our deep domain expertise and technology-agnostic approach to build a coherent roadmap that navigates the development of your P2P exchange platform and accelerates time-to-market.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Features

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Powerful Matching Engine

The crypto exchange is fortified with a high-speed engine that efficiently matches buyers' and sellers' orders with minimum latency. It has built-in order types for buy order and sell orders, which serve as one of the cornerstones of a trading system.

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White Paper Creation

We help you penetrate the market with a well-written and designed white paper that demands investors’ attention.

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Multi-layer Security

Our P2P exchange is integrated with top-notch security features like SSL implementation and two-factor authentication, such as e-mail authentication and Google authentication, which add an extra layer of security to the platform.

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Instant KYC and AML Verification

An intuitive identity verification system accelerates the KYC process while following the right protocol. This builds a base of lawful and authenticated users (Buyers and Sellers).

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Escrow System

A secure and reliable smart contract-based escrow system fuels trading between the platform users.

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Atomic Swap

A peer-to-peer swap indicates trusted users transactions, eliminating the need for a central authority. Atomic swaps revolve around the fact that the transactions either execute completely or terminate, reducing the likelihood of disputes in a scenario of breach of an agreement.

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Multi-language Support

Multi-language support provides global exposure to your P2P exchange. The platform’s UI provides the best user experience for left to right and right to left languages.

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Admin Panel

A secure admin panel is underpinned by smooth controls for efficient management of critical elements like Escrow system and dispute management.

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Preferred trader selection

Buyers have the flexibility to choose their preferred sellers, and vice versa, for a more confident and trusted trading experience.

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Dispute Management

A robust dispute management system enables seamless dispute redressal. Complete details about the users’ transaction history and bank statements help the Admin acumen in dispute management and solidify their decisions.

Why choose us as your P2P Exchange Development Company?

As one of the most reputed blockchain development companies in the world, Code Elevator Solutions holds exceptional experience in building scalable trading platforms. From token creation to ecosystems, we hold proven experience across an array of blockchain services including NFTs.


Why Choose Code Elevator for Digital Identity Verification in Blockchain

By partnering with Code Elevator, you can rely on a team of technical experts with real-world experience delivering end-to-end consulting services.

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With years of experience in blockchain technology, we are the industry pioneers with extensive expertise. We do one thing, and we do it well.

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We understand– No two businesses are the same, nor their needs. We excel at tailoring solutions to your unique requirements and vision.

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Security is paramount in the crypto space so we adopt a security-first mindset, implementing industry best practices to safeguard your digital assets.

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We offer competitive pricing structures that ensure you receive exceptional value for your investment without compromising on quality.

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We offer unwavering, ongoing support with 24/7 availability to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your blockchain solutions.

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