NFT Wallet Development Company

Get the best security and scalability by placing your tokens in NFT wallet. As a leading NFT wallet development company, we devise private key-based solutions, thereby giving the custody of the assets back to the rightful owner. Our platforms can be used to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs also; our world-class solution will leave an everlasting impression on the users.

How Secure are Our NFT Wallet Services?

NFT are popular for their authenticity, integrity and immutability. They are used as collateral since they can’t be hacked. Security is one of the critical considerations that our NFT wallet development professionals integrate while developing the solutions. As a well-established NFT wallet development company, our blockchain experts possess sound domain knowledge and technical experience. They know how to create an NFT wallet that is robust and scalable from the scratch. Apart from this, the experts keep an eye on the latest advancements taking place in the crypto segment and incorporate them while developing wallet solutions. Our experts are ready to assist you in every crypto-related service like NFT wallet development, NFT marketplace development, NFT desktop development and much more. Trust us as we provide top-notch wallet development services globally.

Exclusive Features of Our White Label NFT Wallet

Multi-Platform Support

As a top-notch NFT Wallet Development Service provider, we develop an innovative and unique NFT wallet and amalgamate them with platforms existing in decentralised space.

Cross-Chain Application

To prevent misuse, the users can enable or disable the session logout feature according to their preferences. In case of inactivity, the mobile wallet sends notifications to the users before session logout.

Multiple-Device Support

We develop NFT wallet for web-like browser extensions as well as mobile platforms. The wallet can be connected to any device and used without hassle.


Businesses don’t need to look at the NFT wallet developed by our experts. The solutions are integrated with two-factor authentication, ensuring that the NFTs are kept in a safe space.

Crypto Exchange API

The NFT wallet we develop can be connected with the crypto exchange thereby increasing the scope of the wallet. Combining wallet with crypto exchange boosts the flow of transactions and users on the wallet.

Fiat Conversion with Credit

NFT wallet allows users to buy NFTs using a FIAT credit card. This can be used to convert FIAT into supportable cryptos to pay the NFTs off.

Exquisite Features of Our Multicurrency Wallet

OTC Support

One of the most significant features of our wallet is OTC trading.OTC support gives traders a chance to perform highly secure transactions with the least latency.

Multi Currency Support

Our reliable multi-currency wallet solutions support Bitcoins with other popular Altcoins. Our wallets have been customized as per the business requirements, and trading facilities are delivered per client requirements.

Push Notifications

Users can enable or disable push notifications highlighting their transaction details at their convenience. The users will be notified whenever there is an alert related to signal, price and other marketing activities.

QR Code Scanner

Make payments instantly with the QR code scanner integrated into the wallet. The scanner helps users make quick payments on the PoS terminal or any online service.

Risk Management

Our wallets offer risk management services like determining illicit wallet addresses and denying duplicate payments on the platform.

Multi-Signature Support

Activate the Multi-Signature feature that helps the wallet users view the transaction details, authorize a transaction and have an individual recovery phase.

How Do We Develop an NFT Wallet?

Building a strategy
Understanding the requirements

The first step is to understand the specific requirements and needs of the project. This includes understanding the target audience, the types of digital assets to be supported, and the features and functionalities needed in the wallet.

Execution of Strategy
Design and User Experience

The second step is to design the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of the wallet. This includes creating wireframes and mockups of the wallet's screens and features.

Analysis and Replanning

The next step is to develop the web3 wallet's backend and frontend. This involves writing the code to interact with the blockchain, creating the wallet's functionality, and integrating it with the necessary APIs.

Web Development

After development, thorough testing is conducted to ensure that the wallet functions as expected and all features work as intended. This includes testing the wallet for security vulnerabilities and stress testing it to ensure it can handle a large number of users.


Once the wallet has been tested and deemed ready, it is deployed to the relevant platforms. This may include web browsers, mobile devices, or desktop applications.

Maintenance and updates

Maintenance and updates: Once the wallet has been deployed, it requires ongoing maintenance and updates. This includes bug fixes, security updates, and adding new features or functionalities as needed.

A web3 wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to manage your digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), on the blockchain. It provides a secure way to store your private keys and interact with various decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain.

If you are using decentralized applications on the blockchain, such as DeFi platforms or NFT marketplaces, you need a web3 wallet to interact with these applications. A web3 wallet allows you to securely store your digital assets and access them whenever you need them.

You can create a web3 wallet using various methods, including browser extensions like MetaMask or dedicated wallet apps like Trust Wallet. At Code Elevator, we offer custom web3 wallet development services to create a wallet that meets your specific needs.

Yes, it is safe to store your digital assets in a web3 wallet if you take the necessary precautions, such as keeping your private keys secure and only using trusted wallets. At Code Elevator, we use the latest encryption techniques and security protocols to ensure that your web3 wallet is safe and secure.

The time it takes to develop a web3 wallet depends on the complexity of your requirements. At Code Elevator, we work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a wallet that meets your specifications in a timely manner.