Tezos Development Services

End-to-end services to build Tezos-based assets and applications


Meticulously Designed Tezos dApp Development Solutions

Tezos is gaining rapid adoption and growth due to its remarkable features like greater efficiency, high level security, and seamless scalability. If you are planning to tap into the Tezos market by launching your own application, we can facilitate your entry and participation in the market.
Our team of blockchain developers has extensive experience in creating blockchain applications on various platforms, making them experts in the development and deployment of Tezos dApps. They possess the skills to rapidly identify both on-chain and off-chain entities, develop microservices, establish Tezos nodes, create Tezos wallets, and seamlessly integrate Tezos APIs into your current solution or application..

Our Tezos Blockchain Development Services

We provide a full spectrum of services to transform your business use case into a powerful product that disrupts the market.

Tezos dApp Development

Our team possesses the technical expertise and experience in blockchain app development necessary to create powerful and scalable Tezos dApps that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Tezos Token Development

We provide comprehensive support, including post-deployment and degradation functionalities, to assist you in token development on Tezos blockchain. Throughout the development process, we take care to implement proper testing and support at every stage of building Tezos tokens.

Tezos Wallet Development

Our team possesses the capability to develop customized Tezos wallets that support XTZ (Tezos) tokens for your business needs. With expertise in helping both enterprises and startups integrate Tezos wallets with their existing application or platform, we can assist in seamlessly integrating Tezos wallets with your business.

Tezos Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the backbone of any decentralized application. With a wealth of experience in developing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, our blockchain developers guarantee the development of a flawless smart contract for either private or public networks.

Tezos Integration

Our team employs a diverse array of Tezos APIs, SDKs, and tools, including but not limited to Taquito, Conseil, Morley, TezosKit, PyTezos, and TezosJ, to seamlessly integrate your current application with the Tezos blockchain network. As we integrate various APIs and SDKs, we emphasize high scalability, adaptability, and traceability.

Tezos Consulting

Our subject matter experts provide consulting services to help determine the viability of integrating the Tezos Blockchain Platform into your business use case and how it can enhance the efficiency of your current ecosystem. We diligently identify both off-chain and on-chain entities, as well as the necessary technology stack to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Our Blockchain Tech Expertise

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We develop or replicate almost every type of cryptocurrency out there, including the following ones.


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We Build a Range of Applications using Substrate Blockchain Technology.

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Why Choose us as your Substrate Blockchain Development Company?

By partnering with Code Elevator, you can rely on a team of technical experts with real-world experience delivering end-to-end blockchain services.

Decentralized Application Development

We build state-of-the-art Web3 apps on immutable, shared ledgers that cannot be controlled by any single party.

Digital Assets Platform Development

Our blockchain engineers build a powerful digital asset platform that is truly unique and can provide security and scalability at the enterprise level.


NFT Marketplace Development

We specialize in building marketplaces for digital collectibles that allow users to purchase, trade, and share assets on a blockchain that is carbon-neutral and has zero gas fees.

Decentralized Finance

Opt for Polygon Edge as your app chain to increase the speed of transactions and complete cross-chain interactions with Ethereum.

Gaming Platform Development

We leverage Polygon Edge to build immersive gaming platforms with exhilarating gameplays to create great experiences for users to play and earn rewards.

Blockchain Development

If you want to build your own blockchain on Polygon edge, our seasoned engineers specialize in building Ethereum-compatible blockchain aligned with your needs.


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Building a cryptocurrency from scratch can take from few weeks to months,depending on the project.

We have been in this industry for 8+ years. Our team is made up of self-driven experts who will create an innovative roadmap to fulfill your diverse needs.

Our pricing depends on the scope and requirements of your project. Although, we do offer multiple options to meet our clients needs.

Code Elevator offers a flexible approach to building your project, with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, a proposal and development plan, and finally the deployment of your project.

We at Code Elevator can help you build your own crypto tokens or coins. Our business team will offer guidance in terms of the latest technological and technical aspects.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency stored in an encrypted, decentralized ledger called the blockchain. Cryptocurrency can be used to buy goods and services, or it can be traded like stocks or bonds.