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Build your own white label NFT marketplace from scratch powered by next-gen functionalities, multiple blockchain support in a completely robust, secure, and scalable manner. Gain an unparalleled NFT marketplace experience with the certified and professional industry experts at Antier.

Features of White Label NFT Marketplace

Our NFT white label marketplaces are crafted with next-gen and customized features that help enterprises build a marketplace based on their unique business needs and help them gain a competitive edge in the NFT ecosystem!

Hassle-Free Bidding

We offer feature-packed white label NFT marketplace services backed by a simple and fully secure NFT bidding and auction process where investors can easily make bids.

Enjoy Additional Privileges

Investors can experience numerous additional benefits on making purchases in the form of coupon codes, and a lot more.

Lazy Minting

Save gas fees, time, effort, and other upfront expenses while completely automating the minting process powered by our next-gen white label NFT marketplace solutions.

IPFS NFT Storage

Get additional storage space and a long-lasting experience for NFT owners and authors with the IPFS NFT storage facility in our white label multichain NFT marketplace services.

Multi-chain Compatibility

Bridging the selected currency, we ensure multi-chain compatibility that allows exchanging tokens in a completely decentralized way

Global Royalty Standard

Backed by global royalty standard functionality, NFT users receive rewards in the form of royalty whenever an NFT is sold.

Gasless Transactions using Relayer

Our exceptional white label NFT services leverage relayer and allow users to sign messages for each transaction they wish to carry out and send transactions with no gas fees.


List, analyze, and rank NFTs while auctioning them besides reviewing their price and value drops in real-time with our best-in-class white label NFT marketplace platform services.

Our White Label NFT Marketplace Services

We go beyond the modern customer’s needs and deliver a myriad of future-proof white label NFT marketplace platform services ideal for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies.

White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Antier can be your one-stop place to develop an NFT white label marketplace from scratch to buy, sell, trade, and mint backed by utmost ease, security, and robustness. Our subject matter experts carry out thorough customization to help you gain the spotlight of the potential target market globally.

Hybrid NFT Marketplace Development

We don’t believe in a one-fits-all approach and emphasize white label NFT services crafted carefully for your unique business model and deliver superior, custom, and hybrid solutions backed by IPFS and agile methodology.

NFT Smart Contracts Audit

We have a full-fledged team of white label NFT marketplace developers that excels in performing thorough security audits for your NFTs, financial protocols, tokens, blockchain wallets, protocols, and dApps during the development lifecycle to avoid potential vulnerabilities and stay compliant.

NFT Token Standard Development

We lay a strong foundation for creating NFT marketplaces while supporting multiple NFT token standards that include- ERC-20, ERC 721, ERC-998, ERC-1155, dGoods, FA2, TRC-721, BEP-721, ERC- 1404/1400, ERC-3643, SPL, HRC721, and FRAME Pallet (Polkadot).

Designing of NFTs

Our innovative and skilled NFT designers, animators, and 3D artists specialize in designing aesthetically appealing, original, custom, and user-friendly designs for diverse NFT marketplace white label projects that draw the attention of your customers.

Support & Maintenance

Our dexterous team of skilled and certified white label NFT developers help with robust integration backed by 24/7 support and maintenance services to ensure flawless outputs and scalability for smoother operations and help your NFT marketplace stand ahead in the cutthroat competition.

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Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

“I had an excellent experience working with Code Elevator. They were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful throughout the entire development process. The end result was a beautiful, user-friendly marketplace that exceeded my expectations.”

Nidhi Agrawal

“The staff at Code Elevator went above and above to make sure our marketplace was safe, dependable, and satisfied all of our particular needs. We are delighted with the outcome, and they were always ready to answer our queries and offer help.”

Nitesh Agrawal

“It was a pleasure to work with Code Elevator from beginning to end. They were able to take our concept for an NFT marketplace and make it a reality, supplying us with a superb product that has won the praise of our consumers.”

Rahul Misra

Frequently Asked Questions

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The buying, selling, and trading of NFTs take place on a platform known as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace. NFTs are distinct digital assets that can represent anything, from art to music to collectibles, and they are confirmed on a blockchain.

The market for NFTs is expanding quickly, making it a profitable economic opportunity to build an NFT marketplace. An NFT marketplace also offers a venue for creators and collectors to acquire and sell one-of-a-kind digital assets, and it can help democratise the art industry by giving emerging artists a platform.

Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Flow are just a few of the blockchain solutions that are accessible for NFT marketplaces. Each blockchain has unique benefits and drawbacks, therefore the decision should be based on aspects like security, scalability, and transaction costs.

Transaction fees, which are often a proportion of the sale price, are how NFT marketplaces get their money. Additionally, some NFT marketplaces charge minting fees and may charge an additional price for premium services like featured listings or advertising.