Metaverse App Development Solutions for Every Industry

The potential for metaverse exists across use cases. We provide the following enterprise-focused solutions to help businesses tap into the metaverse

Metaverse for Gaming

Axie Infinity, one of the popular metaverse games, has over 1 million daily active users. The gaming industry underwent remarkable transformation after the adoption of metaverse. It has unlocked a multitude of earning opportunities for business owners as well as players. At Code Elevator, we provide quality metaverse NFT game development services to help businesses ride the next wave of digital gaming. Whether you want to build a move-to-earn (M2E) game, player-vs-player (PvP) game, play-to-earn (P2E) game, or any other game, our skilled metaverse game developer helps you create an all-encompassing metaverse environment. Facilitate your NFT metaverse game development process with our expertise.

Metaverse for Fashion

In 2021, Gucci created The Gucci Garden Experience to sell virtual products and sold a virtual-only digital twin of a Gucci purse for a higher price than its real-world counterpart. The Fashion industry is one of the early adopters of the metaverse. After all, the metaverse has empowered the fashion brands to expand their offerings and tap into a wider audience, globally. The Fashion industry is one of the early adopters of the metaverse. After all, the metaverse has empowered the fashion brands to expand their offerings and tap into a wider audience, globally. Accelerate your metaverse journey with us.

Metaverse for Real Estate

Decentraland – a user-owned Ethereum-based virtual world – witnessed 21,000 real estate transactions worth $110 million in the last 12 months. Metaverse holds immense potential to redefine the real estate market, and has already charted a path for digital transformation. Brands and individuals are harnessing the power of metaverse to invest in NFT virtual land while eliminating geographical barriers. Our metaverse development company has real-world experience creating success stories like Decentraland. We provide meticulously-crafted services for real estate metaverse development – including the creation of NFT for land, exciting themes, and more. Launch your NFT real estate metaverse like Decentraland, or build a customized one as per your business requirements.

Metaverse for Tourism

Big companies like Disney are exploring their own versions of metaverse. In early 2022, Madrid launched a free, 360-degree virtual tour in English and Spanish to people who want to decide what to visit in Madrid when they visit the place in person. It included around 40 most popular tourist destinations of the capital, enabling potential guests to explore its museums, cultural institutions, gardens, plazas, and cathedrals. At Code Elevator, we can help you go “meta”. Whether you want to feature the city’s top tourist attractions or want to focus on a single attraction, we design a great virtual world that provides a unique and fully immersive travel experience to your users. Transit to a virtual world with us.

Metaverse for Social Interaction

Justin Bieber performed as an “Avatar” in an immersive virtual world. An Indian couple hosted their wedding reception in the metaverse, marking it as the “first metaverse wedding reception” in Asia. Samsung held its product launch event in the metaverse. Businesses across industries, and even individuals, are navigating towards the metaverse for social interaction. If you envision creating an immersive metaverse experience for a business meeting, corporate launch, concert, or any other social event, we can turn your idea into reality.


We follow a coherent roadmap to steer and expedite your journey to the metaverse

Select a theme

Our subject matter experts guide you to choose the right theme – such as Game, EduTech, Spiritual, and more – based on your business ideas.

Build Land NFTs

Given that every metaverse project requires land NFTs to host a virtual building, we build land NFTs, or any other type of NFTs required, for your metaverse ecosystem.

Build an NFT Marketplace

Our metaverse engineers build world-class NFT marketplace platforms to enable your users to buy and sell a variety of NFTs seamlessly.

Create a storyboard

Code Elevator creative minds create a comprehensive, self-explanatory storyboard explaining the user journey and their navigation across the platform


Our professionals deliver complete assistance and consulting services to help you understand how the revenue will be generated from the metaverse platform.

Deliver an MVP

We deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that is consistently scaled and improved as per user feedback and technology evolution.


How can our Metaverse Developers help you Capitalize on the Metaverse Opportunity

Building upon over 15 years of technical prowess and breadth of experience, we bring over 500 of our metaverse-skilled developers and designers together to design, execute, and expedite our clients’ metaverse journeys.

We build sophistically and visually interactive metaverse applications that feature blockchain-oriented attributes like user sovereignty, 100% transparency, added privacy, and automation. Our experience as one of the leading blockchain metaverse development