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Empowering the Healthcare Industry with Holistic Blockchain Solutions.


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Transform the Medical Ecosystem with Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

With the rise in the most significant problems such as data protection, sharing, and interoperability in healthcare, the urgency of the development of new-age technology, Blockchain, increases to incredible speed.

The Reality of Healthcare Industry Without Blockchain



of medicines in parts of Latin America, Asia and Africa can be counterfeit. (NCBI)


50M+ patient records were breached in 2021 (GlobalNewsWire)


are lost annually due to healthcare fraud and abuse (GlobalNewsWire)

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Blockchain Development for Healthcare- The Solution

A new-age technology, Blockchain, is an innovative data storage and sharing solution that upholds privacy & interoperability to allow the exchange of health information for authorized use, which can improve health outcomes. As a leading Blockchain healthcare solutions development company, we unlock the true potential of the technology for the smooth functioning of the healthcare ecosystem.

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How can Code Elevator's Blockchain Healthcare Solutions Drive Impactful Change?


Drug Traceability

The risk of counterfeiting or unapproved drugs can be prevented with the implementation of Blockchain healthcare applications into the system.


Better Supply Chain Management

Blockchain can boost the efficiency and transparency of the medical supply chain by tracking the provenance of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Enhanced Data Security

Blockchain offers a secure and decentralized way to store crucial medical data that helps prevent data breaches and ensure patient privacy at the same time.


Improved Interoperability

Our Blockchain healthcare solutions allow secure health information exchanges across the system that make it accessible for doctors to access medical records from other health institutions.


Faster Payment Processing

The secure, transparent, and efficient transactions in Blockchain help streamline payment processing, reduce administrative costs, and ensure timely payments.


Improved Regulatory Compliance

Blockchain helps healthcare service providers meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing a secure platform for storing and exchanging sensitive data.


Prominent Features Our Blockchain Healthcare Applications Include

Our Blockchain healthcare solutions are equipped with necessary advanced features to help healthcare providers streamline their operations and drive impactful change in the system.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) help enhance clinical productivity. Such a feature encourages seamless patient data management that is easily accessible to patients and doctors.

Safe and Secure

Hospital Management

Our Blockchain-powered hospital management solutions can eliminate the obstacles affecting overall hospital management and improve patient care quality with custom practice management solutions.

Safe and Secure

Telemedicine Support

Developers at Code Elevator also work on the telemedicine support feature that enriches the patient’s experience by facilitating contactless treatment via an application.

Safe and Secure

Emergency Response

We understand the value of time in the time of emergency, and hence, our set of features also includes a quick emergency response to manage related activities.

Safe and Secure

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

We allow healthcare providers to leverage new opportunities with remote patient monitoring solutions. It assists doctors to perform patient health monitoring remotely and offer primary care.

Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare

Code Elevator, as a trusted Blockchain healthcare solutions development company, has served clientele from the healthcare industry and met their specific project requirements

Clinical Trials & Research

Blockchain can facilitate secure and transparent data sharing and collaboration in clinical trials and research, improving the speed and accuracy of scientific discovery.

Healthcare Data Sharing

Blockchain enables secure patient health information exchange across healthcare providers and third parties like insurers, which improves care coordination and makes the industry more efficient.

Health Insurance and Claims Management

Invest in Blockchain development for healthcare as it can streamline the claims process by eliminating errors, and refining the payment speed and accuracy.

Identity Management

Blockchain can reduce fraud and increase security with a secure medical credential verification system. It helps track the professional’s experience and verify the patient’s information.

Drug Traceability

Blockchain enables convenient tracing of prescription medications from manufacturing to reaching the final customer, lowering the chance of counterfeiting.

Supply Chain Management

We specialize in creating Blockchain healthcare solutions that can enhance the transparency and efficiency of supply chain management.

Medical Device Management

Managing medical device data, including usage statistics and upkeep logs, becomes easier with the Blockchain. It enhances patient safety and lowers the likelihood of faults.

Personalized Medicine

Genomic data can be safely stored and shared with the help of Blockchain, enabling more individualized & efficient medical treatments.